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Apart from the ever popular ASP engines, I have added an extensive range of model aircraft especially 30 to 35 cc models.

ASP Aviation has also become known for the Drastik range of "stiks" and.  The large 50cc Drastik is the only ARTF stik of this size in the world and has firmly established itself as a favourite tug for glider towing.

GOOD NEWS!!!!!!! - Due to polpular demand, a 90 size Drastik has been added to the range. 

ASP now have the biggest range of stiks available to the public worldwide.

                                                    KING MAX SERVOS

ASP has now become the agent for King Max servo's. These servos are manufactured to the highest standards and compare excellently with any other servo on the market. I have waited 7 years for the development of these servo's and finally they are at competition level with the 3d heli market as their proving ground. King Max servo's promise to be one of the market leaders in servo design and technology and no longer just another item "made in China"

Also take note that my servo leads are still the cheapest AND BEST in South Africa.

Danie Esterhuysen - Officially Appointed ASP Agent for South Africa

                 don't just stik it - DRASTIK it

NB!! - Prices on this website is only indicative and subject to change without notice.